Prepayment Management


HOP’s Prepayment Smart Metering System enables a simple, easy and cost effective implementation of automatic meter reading, prepayment and management. The whole prepaid system consists of the prepaid smart energy meter (single phase or three phase), IC/CPU card, card reader, energy sale management system. The IC/CPU card is used a media to realizes automatic reading data and prepaid electric charge function.

The prepaid meter must be first registered in the central computer or system master station and its data distributed to all sales points before the customer can be able to purchase electricity in those vending station. The system will automatically disconnect a customer’s supply if the stored value is used up. Reconnection is only possible when more credit has been purchased and entered into the prepaid meter.
With high degree of accuracy, HOP’s meters can measure the electricity consumption with less measuring error. Meanwhile, it overcomes the weakness of traditional manual reading model, and lowers operating cost. And what’s more, the system enhances the fund utilization rate of the utility and decreases the debit for the power supplier.
Benefits to the utilities:  
1. Reduce manual reading cost with automatic meter reading
2. Monitor tampering and theft
3. Pay first and consume later to increases cash flow
4. Disconnection and reconnection fees are eliminated
5. Reduces billing errors and disputes and increases customer satisfaction
Benefits to electricity user:
1. Reduce billing errors
2. Control electricity usage better
3. Get effective budget management
4. Be more confident in utility service
5. Convenience of purchase through distributed points of sale
6. No cost for disconnection and reconnection
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