China- Italy Science & Innovation Week

China- Italy Science & Innovation Week2017-11-16

Chengdu Hop Technology Co,.Ltd employees attend Science, Technology & Innovation communication, discussed Italian electricity meter demand and the electric meter's new trend.....

Smart Energy Meters Markets is Booming

Smart Energy Meters Markets is Booming2017-04-24

According to market research firm Markets and Market reports, the global smart meter market is expected to increase from $ 12.79 billion in 2017 (about $ 88.05 billion) to $ 19.98 b...

The History of the Energy Meter

The History of the Energy Meter2015-07-23

At the 6th annual Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference, one of the workshops will focus on smart meters: the latest rendition of the electric meter. However, how did we get to...

The Classification of Energy Meter

The Classification of Energy Meter2014-12-05

According to the working principle, static type (electronic), induction (mechanical); According to the power points: ac single-phase, ac three-phase; According to the measurement po...

Annual Meeting Held Successfully

Annual Meeting Held Successfully2013-01-28

The horse goes to the future, the sheep comes with luck!Chengdu HOP Technology Co,. Ltd hold the annual meeting in Hilton Hotel on 10, February. All employees participate in the ann...

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